Mercedes-Benz – Actros 1943 EURO 6 PTO


545,000 Kilometers

19,000 Kilograms

4 Axis

Neder-Over-Heembeek (Brussels), Belgium

28,500.00 Prix de vente

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Caractéristiques générales

Type: Actros 1943 EURO 6 PTO

Modèle: Mercedes-Benz – Actros 1943 EURO 6 PTO

Marque: Mercedes-Benz

Norme d'émissions: 545,000

Lieu: Neder-Over-Heembeek (Brussels), Belgium

Date de première immatriculation: 01/12/2016

État du véhicule: New

État des pneus: New

Carburant: Diesel

Norme d'émission: Euro 4

Poids maximal: 19,000

Charge utile: test

suspension: used

Espace de chargement: test

Puissance: 320HP

Transmission: Auto


This is a description of a blue MERCEDES ACTROS 1943 tractor unit with an automatic transmission, 12 gears, and a 6-cylinder engine. The truck has a wheelbase of 370 cm, a large 510-liter aluminium fuel tank, and is equipped with air suspension, fog lights, a sleeper cab, a vehicle heater, and a heavy-duty engine brake. Additionally, it has a visor to reduce glare on the windshield. This well-equipped and reliable tractor unit is ideal for hauling heavy loads over long distances with ease, providing the driver with comfort and convenience during their journey.

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